Project "ARABELLA"

Project Description

Eclecticism: Stalin's Empire style, art deco, ethnic motifs.

Project Information

Three-deck cruise liner upgraded Project 588 "Homeland." The name "Arabella" - until 2002 - "LA Dovator". Built in the German Democratic Republic, in Wismar, in 1955 at the shipyard "VEB - Mathias - Thesen - Werft Wismar".

The body is made of strategic stocks of steel in Germany after World War II reparations inherited the Soviet Union. The material was very high quality - on the basis of controlling the drilling in the reconstruction period.

The site contains the project of reconstruction of the nasal VIP - cabins, which includes the very cabin, cabin also for negotiations, a corridor and a latrine. Stylistics, used me - traditional for this type of ship. This combination of Stalin's Empire style with art - deco.In the cabin are involved all engineering systems for ships.Furniture and decoration of the individual, natural materials are recommended.

Currently home port city of Kazan.


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