Project "ARABELLA"

Project Description

Eclecticism: Stalin's Empire style, art deco, ethnic motifs.

Project Information

Three-deck cruise liner upgraded Project 588 "Homeland." The name "Arabella" - until 2002 - "LA Dovator". Built in the German Democratic Republic, in Wismar, in 1955 at the shipyard "VEB - Mathias - Thesen - Werft Wismar".

The body is made of strategic stocks of steel in Germany after World War II reparations inherited the Soviet Union. The material was very high quality - on the basis of controlling the drilling in the reconstruction period.

The site contains the project of reconstruction of the nasal VIP - cabins, which includes the very cabin, cabin also for negotiations, a corridor and a latrine. Stylistics, used me - traditional for this type of ship. This combination of Stalin's Empire style with art - deco.In the cabin are involved all engineering systems for ships.Furniture and decoration of the individual, natural materials are recommended.

Currently home port city of Kazan.


Project Description

Eclecticism: Art Nouveau. Moresque

Project Information

The project began with the terms of reference under which the ship design should take into account the further operation on the Griboyedov's Canal in the city of St. - Petersburg.

This channel has the lowest bridge and very silted bottom. The ship was supposed to fit its dimensions to the small size of the height of engineering structures on the canal, and it was supposed to be optional add-in with a retractable roof. I was considering the possibility of entering a ship in the waters of New Holland from the Kryukov's Canal.

To evaluate the feasibility of this project, I made a decision to measurements of all critical dimensions of engineering structures on the channel. After the produced channel of measurements were calculated optimum dimensions of the ship.

At the start of designing me a pilot project has been made, that answer the requirements of the register and the main requirements of the customer. Remote ship control has been imposed on the ship's stern to optimize interior space superstructure. The whole ship's crew should be two people. Captain, he's navigator and sailor, having qualified bartender.

The main area of ​​the superstructure cabins - a company, a bar, a latrine, a ladder on the stern and on the bow ramp. Most of the top of the superstructure takes a retractable roof. This allows us to ship virtually all weather and operate it according to the wishes of passengers and weather conditions.

On request, the main stylistic vessel must be Moorish style .After sketching stage of the customer the final version was selected. The end result is a stylistic eclecticism - Moorish style and the style of Art Nouveau. For high quality of the whole project, I used the traditional and classical design methods together with computer modeling. I drew a large number of technical drawings in full size, ie templates (or cardboard). Almost the entire area has been traced exterior and interior of the vessel. After this step has been performed joint work with designers and technologists who made working documentation for the production of all major ship components. This approach led to the exclusive products, up to ship furniture and "fittings".

The hull of ship is manufactured by "Sudekologiya"


Project Description

Eclecticism: Modern, Art - deco

Project Information

The project of reconstruction of the river ship. The task - to make a full river cruise ship of pleasure craft. On the lower deck are located bow cabin, cabin - company, galley, latrine, gangway.On the upper deck are located typical cabins for passengers. All new superstructure is made of aluminum - magnesium alloys.The style - modern with elements of art - deco.

Engineering networks, almost all - cold water, hot water, sewage, electrical networks, including low-voltage.Individual ship furniture, built-in furniture, where interior space is used for ship networks pads as well as a storage of individual life-saving equipment. In finishing used natural materials and their substitutes.


Project Description

Eclecticism: Modern. Reconstruction of the floating hotel for the operation in the Caspian Sea.

Project Information

The main objective of this project - to show the possibility of finishing materials from South Korea.

Finishing materials for shipbuilding in the form of different floor coverings (carpet, linoleum, various types of decks), wall panels made of different materials for different types of cabins, panels for ceiling.

All of these materials are distinguished by a large number of parameters - the company manufacturer, class material, certificates, etc.

Materials for this project are available on the official website of the "Flagship" companies

The project was implemented in partnership with  RAPS

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