Project Description

Mobile post (monitoring of engineering networks)

Functional zoning of the container (top view).

1 - Household block.

2 - Toilet and shower.

3 - Kitchen and dining room.

4 - Place of rest.

5 - Wardrobe.

6 - Operator's workplace.

Additional equipment: tents to protect from rain and direct sunlight. It is desirable to make concrete screed and rainfall drains in the area where the container is set.

Project Description

In the modern world of urban life mankind has invented Bio Fireplace. Only with one purpose - to live the atmosphere of the fire was present in the house. Biofireplaces not require special exhaust systems, they are quite safe. Species much - automatic, semi-automatic, wall, etc...

Ceramic fireplaces made individually for the customer - characterized by a large and diverse expressive style.

Project Description

Ceramics is one of the most ancient crafts on the planet Earth. I hope that this craft will live always and everywhere. On the submitted photographs ceramics with archaic forms. As decoration chosen symbolism, which is clear and universal.

Project Description

Сontainers as a living space

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